Let Me See You Rep Your Hood

MC Shakie - Drop Real Low (320 kbps)

Have you seen the pilot episode of Diplo's new endeavor, No One Is Safe? It's a Discovery channel-ish thing about various music subcultures, and the first episode is dedicated to New Orleans bounce, a scene we had practically no idea about. Diplo chats with the big dogs of the bounce world who, awesomely enough, are pretty much all trannies, super dope trannies who like to make the impressionable youth bend over and shake their asses. It's definitely worth watching. (Though we felt somewhat pissed off that the intro is to the tune of Paper Planes. We don't even know why that pissed us off, we might just be assholes.)

Bounce basically sounds like the scrappiest, most hyper, somewhat Bmore-ified crunk music you've ever heard, and if you like parties and fun and sex and stuff, you kind of can't help but get into it. This track (which samples Jackson Five 'I Want You Back,' which always sits well with us) is from the recently released Shake Twerk & Wobble 2, a compilation of bounce tracks via The Bounce Spot. We get the feeling this stuff's going to blow up (you know, kind of like everything Diplo touches). If you want more bounce, Nolabounce is a great place to start.

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