R&B Crossword: Tonight Is The Night (Vol. VIII)

We had an executive meeting in the Outerglow headquarters, catered by Jimmy John's, and we decided that disco [etc.] crosswords should be any day of the week and not only for Wednesdays (read: we always forget it's Wednesday). So here we are and today we just have one song from which many have been derived, but it's a really good one– the lovely Betty Wright's 1974 r&b/soul jam 'Tonight Is The Night.' This is such a simple, sexy little beat, and it's been sampled to the ground in 90's hip-hop. The first half is mostly live banter but it's shockingly worth listening to in its entirety.

Betty Wright - Tonight Is The Night (Pt. 1&2) (256 kbps)
Candyman - Knockin' Boots (216 kbps)
Kid 'N Play - Decisions (192 kbps)
Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up (256 kbps)
Aaliyah - Down With The Clique (250 kbps)

Of all the hip-hop tracks using this sample, the best one has got to be Candyman's hit from 1990, 'Knockin' Boots.' You probably remember it, and Wright's original actually became way more well-known after its release (though it was Candyman's only hit). 1990 also saw 'Tonight Is The Night' sampled by poppy old schoolers Kid N' Play in 'Decisions.' You can't really argue with this track if you like upbeat old-school hip-hop. Then we've got the awesomely bad classic, Color Me Badd's 'I Wanna Sex You Up,' from 1991, which we enjoy openly and without guilt. Rounding out our top four tracks with this sample is Aaliyah's 1994 hit 'Down With The Clique.' This song is dope for the mere fact that it opens with: 'Yeeah, it's the nineties.'


It Comes Back But It's Never The Same

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix) (128 kbps, sry)


P.S. Chicago, see you 5/25 (Holy Ghost! opens, fuck yes): LCD Tour

Selva Cósmica

We've been busy. We don't want to let you down, but the internet is just significantly less cool in spring. Let's go outside and listen to stuff like this. María y José (Antonio Jiménez) hails from Tijuana and makes tribal guarachero which has been described as the 'Mexican ghettotech.' Or basically if El Guincho was hood as fuck.

María y José - Mi Chulita (320 kbps)
María y José - Duro Duro (320 kbps)
María y José - Oy
é Santanas (320 kbps)

Jiménez is also Unsexy Nerd Ponies. 'Valerie 1986' is on a bit of a new wave-meets-dreamwave tip (but with tribal cumbia-inspired percussion), and 'Cave Cave Cave' is, err... batshit fucking crazy.

Unsexy Nerd Ponies - Valerie 1986 (224 kbps)
Unsexy Nerd Ponies - Cave Cave Cave (320 kbps)

You still want more? Ok ok, check out a mix of more like this from Chico Sonido here.


D'Une Beauté Sauvage Et Isolée

Isolée - Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform Pt. 1&2) (186 kbps)

So how bout when you forget about one of your favorite old songs for years and then you find a remix of it and discover that it's BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL? This remix of microhouse wizard Isolée's 'Beau Mot Plage' (a seriously fantastic track to begin with) just made our week. This shit sounds like the kind of vacation we're going to take when we get rich.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Lindstrom - Paaskelyd (Bottin's Skogkatt Track) (128 kbps)

Please excuse the shitty quality of this track, we will try and upgrade after the actual release of this Bottin samper which is looking awesome, but we just couldn't wait because, well, this is two of our favorite people who make music and it rules. Not sure what a skogkatt is but this sounds classic, 'nu,' AND cosmic, so it's pretty much our new favorite animal.


Show Them What We're Made Of

Solange - Robots Are Un-American (Bottin's Dub Version) (320 kbps)

We are pretty sure Solange is also Beyonce's little sister. Heard she was actually kind of cool, but this Solange is cooler– 80's B-horror film star, model, Dario Argento's girlfriend for a minute, with one single to her name, 1984's one-hit wonder Robots Are Un-American. From the title, you may not be surprised that it's campy as hell, but nonetheless a true italo groove. Italians Do It Better gave it a little tune-up, with outerglow favorite Bottin mixing this more dj-able version. This is for you if you like space disco or robots. Or AMERICA, duh.

High Together

Siriusmo Radio-Mix by Exploited

Why is this Siriusmo's first mixtape (from Shir Khan's Fritz Radio show last week)?! This dude is just the coolest, and his accent is adorable. As you'd expect, it's eccentric and spastic yet controlled, with lots of his own stuff alongside tracks 'from French Electro, Disco, Pop, to Experimental and Leftfield, CutnPaste, Jazz, DDR-Rock, Berlin Underground Rap, Trash and Klamauk.' Can't say we've really become Berlin rap converts, but otherwise great stuff. Check it, kill an hour at work.

By the way, we've been lacking good mixtapes to listen to lately, aside from this (and worth mentioning is Soul Clap's Boston mix for xlr8r which we've had on repeat). Leave us a shout in the comments if you've got any leads for us!