I Hope You

Capsule - I Wish You (Corporate Remix) (320 kbps)

Oh man. So far we've managed to keep our favorite moderately-guilty pleasure under wraps on this blog, but it's time to get it off our chests. We CANNOT EVER get enough J-pop/K-pop/C-pop/basically all cheesy Asian powerpop. We've had a raging crush on Lee Hyori ever since this video (those green overalls, DAYYUUMM GURL) and we've spent more nights than we're comfortable quantifying in endless Korean boyband youtube video spirals. (How epic is this shit? Seriously, every Korean music video tries to be more epically depressing than the last.) So forgive us for freaking out a little bit when we found this remix through the always on-point Dollar Bin Jams. Capsule definitely has a lot more credibility and talent than your basic Japanese electro-pop group; Yasutaka Nakata, half of the duo, is actually an incredible producer, and makes upbeat synth-pop that (we think) does the cute-happy-Japan thing in a way that doesn't make you want to barf; it kind of sounds like J-pop meets French pop. This remix is really nice and takes the usual hyperactivity down a few welcome notches.

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