Doin' Thangs

We are currently working on giving outerglow a makeover. We're talking some She's All That shit. The nerd glasses will be removed to reveal the beautiful wallflower prom queen sometime this week, so check back in a bit. In the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite tracks we've found elsewhere lately.

Amadou & Mariam - Sabali (Uproot Andy Remix) // via redthreat

Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Remix) // via Asian Dan

HARD MIX - Drama Drama // via Cream Team

Matt Van Schie - Journey (Memory Tapes Version) // via RCRDLBL

Morgan Page - Longest Road To Nowhere (Only Children Remix) // via dsquared


Break It Fix It

Dave Nada - Ruffcut (Moombahton Dub) (320 kbps)
A-Mac - Long Train To Moombahton (320 kbps)
Playmode - One Track Mind (Scattermish Moombahton Mix) (320 kbps)

Not sure why it took us so long to get some moombahton up in this bitch. If you don't know, now you know; or to sum it up, Dave Nada, while DJing his little cousin's party, slowed down some Dutch house tracks to slinky reggaeton BPMs so as not to get jumped by a bunch of hyped up Latino high school kids for playing house. Boom– moombahton is born. One small step for man, one giant leap for making white people dance to BPMs lower than 120. Granted, shit can get a little repetitive, we're not trying to hear anybody's full-length Moombahton LP, but seriously, if you can hear this shit played at a party and not want to hump everyone... you suck. These are some of our favorite moombahton edits we've come across. Enjoy with a 'cold one.'


Damn, Where My Roof Just Go

Chief Boima - Techno Rumba (Uproot Andy Remix) (254 kbps)

Birdman - Money To Blow ft. Drake & Lil Wayne (Chief Boima Remix) (320 kbps)

Bay Area resident, Ghetto Bassquake contributor and Afrobeat-for-the-club producer/dj Chief Boima just dropped his Techno Rumba EP on Dutty Artz– two banging original tracks of contemporary African rhythms, and remixes by Uproot Andy and Matt Shadetek and dj/rupture. We recommend picking up the whole deal (which you can do here), but we think (Brooklyn-based dj, producer, and general superstar in the current sphere of globalized electronic music) Uproot Andy's remix is the most fun. We're also loving Boima's tribal take on Birdman's (though, basically Drake's) 'Money To Blow.' If you like what you're hearing, Boima put together an 'Afro Latino-Rumba' mix to correspond with the release; download and check the tracklist here. Dope stuff all around; this dude seems like a busy boy and definitely one to watch.

Snatch His Big Mac

We just feel the need to periodically remind you that Nicki Minaj is the baddest bitch in the world. We've been digging through every mixtape she's put together over the past few years. Here are some of our favorite moments, including quite possibly our favorite line we've heard in a rap song in like, years:

You're like balloon boy, momma you was never there!

Nicki Minaj - Dreams '07 (from Playtime Is Over, 2007)
Nicki Minaj - Curious George (from Sucka Free, 2008)
Nicki Minaj - Dang A Lang (from Barbie World, 2010)
Nicki Minaj - Sweet Dreams (from Barbie World, 2010)

If you want more Nicki, we also posted a few tracks from her latest mixtape, Harajuku R&Barbie, here on the Creamteam music blog (don't think we've ever mentioned it, but we contribute to that blog as well, and it's always full of great stuff).

Let Me See You Rep Your Hood

MC Shakie - Drop Real Low (320 kbps)

Have you seen the pilot episode of Diplo's new endeavor, No One Is Safe? It's a Discovery channel-ish thing about various music subcultures, and the first episode is dedicated to New Orleans bounce, a scene we had practically no idea about. Diplo chats with the big dogs of the bounce world who, awesomely enough, are pretty much all trannies, super dope trannies who like to make the impressionable youth bend over and shake their asses. It's definitely worth watching. (Though we felt somewhat pissed off that the intro is to the tune of Paper Planes. We don't even know why that pissed us off, we might just be assholes.)

Bounce basically sounds like the scrappiest, most hyper, somewhat Bmore-ified crunk music you've ever heard, and if you like parties and fun and sex and stuff, you kind of can't help but get into it. This track (which samples Jackson Five 'I Want You Back,' which always sits well with us) is from the recently released Shake Twerk & Wobble 2, a compilation of bounce tracks via The Bounce Spot. We get the feeling this stuff's going to blow up (you know, kind of like everything Diplo touches). If you want more bounce, Nolabounce is a great place to start.

Unruly Boys Who Will Not Grow Up

The Smiths - Barbarism Begins At Home (Tim Zawada Edit) (32o kbps)

Here's a nice little Smiths edit by fellow Chicagoan, disco/funk/boogie/[etc.] DJ, and cool guy Tim Zawada. Nothing too out there, but definitely a good call. We definitely recommend checking out his soundcloud– handfuls of solid disco edits (all conveniently downloadable in high quality) and fun ass mixtapes. The dude has good taste.


I Hope You

Capsule - I Wish You (Corporate Remix) (320 kbps)

Oh man. So far we've managed to keep our favorite moderately-guilty pleasure under wraps on this blog, but it's time to get it off our chests. We CANNOT EVER get enough J-pop/K-pop/C-pop/basically all cheesy Asian powerpop. We've had a raging crush on Lee Hyori ever since this video (those green overalls, DAYYUUMM GURL) and we've spent more nights than we're comfortable quantifying in endless Korean boyband youtube video spirals. (How epic is this shit? Seriously, every Korean music video tries to be more epically depressing than the last.) So forgive us for freaking out a little bit when we found this remix through the always on-point Dollar Bin Jams. Capsule definitely has a lot more credibility and talent than your basic Japanese electro-pop group; Yasutaka Nakata, half of the duo, is actually an incredible producer, and makes upbeat synth-pop that (we think) does the cute-happy-Japan thing in a way that doesn't make you want to barf; it kind of sounds like J-pop meets French pop. This remix is really nice and takes the usual hyperactivity down a few welcome notches.


R&B Crossword: Tonight Is The Night (Vol. VIII)

We had an executive meeting in the Outerglow headquarters, catered by Jimmy John's, and we decided that disco [etc.] crosswords should be any day of the week and not only for Wednesdays (read: we always forget it's Wednesday). So here we are and today we just have one song from which many have been derived, but it's a really good one– the lovely Betty Wright's 1974 r&b/soul jam 'Tonight Is The Night.' This is such a simple, sexy little beat, and it's been sampled to the ground in 90's hip-hop. The first half is mostly live banter but it's shockingly worth listening to in its entirety.

Betty Wright - Tonight Is The Night (Pt. 1&2) (256 kbps)
Candyman - Knockin' Boots (216 kbps)
Kid 'N Play - Decisions (192 kbps)
Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up (256 kbps)
Aaliyah - Down With The Clique (250 kbps)

Of all the hip-hop tracks using this sample, the best one has got to be Candyman's hit from 1990, 'Knockin' Boots.' You probably remember it, and Wright's original actually became way more well-known after its release (though it was Candyman's only hit). 1990 also saw 'Tonight Is The Night' sampled by poppy old schoolers Kid N' Play in 'Decisions.' You can't really argue with this track if you like upbeat old-school hip-hop. Then we've got the awesomely bad classic, Color Me Badd's 'I Wanna Sex You Up,' from 1991, which we enjoy openly and without guilt. Rounding out our top four tracks with this sample is Aaliyah's 1994 hit 'Down With The Clique.' This song is dope for the mere fact that it opens with: 'Yeeah, it's the nineties.'


It Comes Back But It's Never The Same

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix) (128 kbps, sry)


P.S. Chicago, see you 5/25 (Holy Ghost! opens, fuck yes): LCD Tour

Selva Cósmica

We've been busy. We don't want to let you down, but the internet is just significantly less cool in spring. Let's go outside and listen to stuff like this. María y José (Antonio Jiménez) hails from Tijuana and makes tribal guarachero which has been described as the 'Mexican ghettotech.' Or basically if El Guincho was hood as fuck.

María y José - Mi Chulita (320 kbps)
María y José - Duro Duro (320 kbps)
María y José - Oy
é Santanas (320 kbps)

Jiménez is also Unsexy Nerd Ponies. 'Valerie 1986' is on a bit of a new wave-meets-dreamwave tip (but with tribal cumbia-inspired percussion), and 'Cave Cave Cave' is, err... batshit fucking crazy.

Unsexy Nerd Ponies - Valerie 1986 (224 kbps)
Unsexy Nerd Ponies - Cave Cave Cave (320 kbps)

You still want more? Ok ok, check out a mix of more like this from Chico Sonido here.


D'Une Beauté Sauvage Et Isolée

Isolée - Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform Pt. 1&2) (186 kbps)

So how bout when you forget about one of your favorite old songs for years and then you find a remix of it and discover that it's BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL? This remix of microhouse wizard Isolée's 'Beau Mot Plage' (a seriously fantastic track to begin with) just made our week. This shit sounds like the kind of vacation we're going to take when we get rich.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Lindstrom - Paaskelyd (Bottin's Skogkatt Track) (128 kbps)

Please excuse the shitty quality of this track, we will try and upgrade after the actual release of this Bottin samper which is looking awesome, but we just couldn't wait because, well, this is two of our favorite people who make music and it rules. Not sure what a skogkatt is but this sounds classic, 'nu,' AND cosmic, so it's pretty much our new favorite animal.


Show Them What We're Made Of

Solange - Robots Are Un-American (Bottin's Dub Version) (320 kbps)

We are pretty sure Solange is also Beyonce's little sister. Heard she was actually kind of cool, but this Solange is cooler– 80's B-horror film star, model, Dario Argento's girlfriend for a minute, with one single to her name, 1984's one-hit wonder Robots Are Un-American. From the title, you may not be surprised that it's campy as hell, but nonetheless a true italo groove. Italians Do It Better gave it a little tune-up, with outerglow favorite Bottin mixing this more dj-able version. This is for you if you like space disco or robots. Or AMERICA, duh.

High Together

Siriusmo Radio-Mix by Exploited

Why is this Siriusmo's first mixtape (from Shir Khan's Fritz Radio show last week)?! This dude is just the coolest, and his accent is adorable. As you'd expect, it's eccentric and spastic yet controlled, with lots of his own stuff alongside tracks 'from French Electro, Disco, Pop, to Experimental and Leftfield, CutnPaste, Jazz, DDR-Rock, Berlin Underground Rap, Trash and Klamauk.' Can't say we've really become Berlin rap converts, but otherwise great stuff. Check it, kill an hour at work.

By the way, we've been lacking good mixtapes to listen to lately, aside from this (and worth mentioning is Soul Clap's Boston mix for xlr8r which we've had on repeat). Leave us a shout in the comments if you've got any leads for us!



Dutch Rhythm Combo - Alerta ft. Isa GT (320 kbps)

Well THIS song is perfect for 70 degree weather. Which is happening now in Chicago. Fuck. Yes. Dutch Rhythm Combo (Berlin-based and conceived as an imaginary band) bring their trademark minimally-funky tropical-dub-disco sound, with London via Columbia's dj/mc/producer/babe Isa GT saying some sexy shit we don't understand.



We were at a bar and Mariah Carey Fantasy came on and everyone was hyped and we were like 'oh shit we haven't done a crossword in like 100 days and tomorrow is Wednesday.' This edition's tracks really don't need much introduction, beginning with Tom Tom Club's frequently sampled (but never topped, really, even by Mariah) classic Genius of Love. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five re-recorded the sample with a live band for '81's It's Nasty (the best of the dozens of hip-hop tracks using this sample, we think), and Mariah bladed around like the 90's dream girlfriend she is in '95's Fantasy. Warm weather jams right here.

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love (183 kbps)

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - It's Nasty (LP Version) (256 kbps)

Mariah Carey - Fantasy (238 kbps)

We'd like to also take this opportunity to shake our heads re: Discovery just absolutely ripping this riff in that song we liked for five minutes last summer. As well as the opportunity to apologize for the fact that on this computer, Futura is the only sans serif typeface (see image above... cringe).

She Was The One

Mighty Mouse - Song For Ellen (192 kbps)

Well, we wrote OMG in all caps and then deleted it but basically the gist of this post is this is one of the nicest songs we've heard in a while (from last winter's 12'-only Song For Ellen EP). Everything Mighty Mouse comes out with is exactly how we hope the eventual Aeroplane album will sound. Lots of great remixes on the soundcloud too.


With My Mind On My Money

Laid Back - White Horse (220 kbps)
Laid Back - Bakerman (247 kbps)

We first heard 80's Danish smooth-vibes-disco-pop duo Laid Back and their 1983 hit White Horse in Horse Meat Disco's promo mix for their album last year; we had it stuck in our heads for a solid month, forgot about it, and fortunately stumbled across it again this week. We are not cool enough to fully understand the drug references of 'white horse,' but whatever, we do know this is a catchy ass track– 80's electro-disco-funk, no major bells and whistles, a simple track with a lot of sex appeal. But we're actually more partial to Bakerman from '89, a super mellow track that feeds our hunger for yacht rock sounds. Doesn't it sound like something Soul Clap would edit? Whoa look: http://soundcloud.com/soulclap/baker-man-edit


Nothin But Magic

Moodymann - Lake Shore Drive (Todd Terje Rekutt) (192 kbps)

Moodymann - J.A.N. (227 kbps)*


*We suggest you stick it out for the whole 11 minutes. Shit gets exciting again ~7:00. The samples are from Detroit radio DJ Electrifyin Mojo interviewing Purple Rain tour era Prince.


You Can't Be Funky If You Haven't Got A Soul

Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps (223 kbps)

Bush Tetras - You Can't Be Funky (234 kbps)

We've been into the idea of basing posts on images inspiring music selection as opposed to vice versa. Or in other words, we wanted an excuse to post this picture, and all-girl 80's no-wavers Bush Tetras (and these two awesome tracks from the only full album they ever released, Boom In The Night (Original Studio Recordings 1980-1983)) seemed like the best fit– prototypically New York post-punk marked by scrappy guitar distortion and a solid injection of funk. Guitarist Pat Place tears shit UP.


Just Like Rising Moon

Don Armando's 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band - Deputy of Love (255 kbps)

Don Armando's 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band - I'm An Indian Too (192 kbps)

Hey MGMT, those super quirky mystical-alt-indian costumes are soOo totally out there (omgdrugsrule, and college is awesome) but guess who had the Native American Hipster thing down before yall were born? That would be Don Armando and his 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band, an offshoot of Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band and produced by August Darnell of Kid Creole & The Coconuts. They only had one album, on ZE Records in '79, and one dance chart hit (Deputy of Love).

Deputy of Love
is an undeniable disco classic, and singer Fonda Rae totally 'kills it' as the kids say. We've found that with I'm An Indian Too, half the people we play it for think it's really obnoxious. But we think it's the greatest thing ever– jangly, campy and unknowingly semi-racist disco about the desire to kick it with indians ('just like Battle Axe, Hatchet Face, Eagle Nose,' oh, okay). If you are into this song, you are in our crew. Our tribe...


I'd Rather Be In A Van

We heard the new Ray Mang single, Bulletproof, featuring Deee-Lite's mighty Lady Miss Kier, a few days ago and can't wait for a chance to hear it played out. It's a light but anthemic disco number (on the DFA imprint about which you probably already know how we feel) that takes George Clinton's Bulletproof and switches the mood to the days of righteous, flamboyant club disco (made slightly more subtle and timely). We've got a feeling our little corner of the internet is gonna be saturated with it so we're not gonna post it (but get it here)... but it reminded us of our favorite Ray Mang remixes that might top the brilliance of Bulletproof and its superior B-side Look Into My Eyes. The first is a bass-spankin remix of West Phillips' 1983 disco-funk track I'm Just A Sucker For A Pretty Face, complete with DFA-cowbell and all. Next is a remix of Brazilian samba-meets-funk group Banda Black Rio which we're not even gonna describe and if you trust us, we really hope you trust us, just give that lil link a click.

West Phillips - I'm Just A Sucker For A Pretty Face (Ray Mang Remix) (192 kbps)

Banda Black Rio - Tomorrow (Ray Mang Main Mix) (320 kbps)

Get Me Out Of Here

Can't believe it took us so long to get around to Manchester-based producer/dj Trus'me (David James Wolstencroft) and his particularly sophisticated-sounding breed of deep house. The guy is crazy prolific with his ultra-smooth liquid funk/house grooves that sound like a Detroit-ier, more soulful Dam-Funk (and the only time we've felt the term 'neo-soul' was relevant and not wanted to gag)... and oh hey, there's Dam-Funk on this dope ass track from his recent album In The Red. Peep the soundcloud– it's a total goldmine.

Trus'me - Brown's (204 kbps)

Trus'me ft. Dam-Funk - Bail Me Out (320 kbps)

(Try To Stay Cool) Going Through, Staying Cool

OKAY SO it's not like we are huge on mash-ups but COME ON. Come on.

Bottin vs. Talking Heads - Girlfriend of the Devil (DJ Mazz Edit)


Breakin All The Rules And Makin Sure You Know

Work It Baby, Kris Menace's French house superlabel, is dropping one of the best comps we've heard this year– a 2-cd set celebrating the label's 10th anniversary. That would be 34 tracks, half previously unreleased, via Fred Falke, Menace, Lifelike, Patrick Alavi... basically what we're getting at is if you like French house you will feel bad if you don't have this. Pick it up March 1 at the usual places or check some of our favorites. The Falke track is a little old by now but it for sure doesn't feel like it. And whoever this G.Ziro chick is, she is cracking us up and we're all about her.

Donovan - Breakin' (ft. G.Ziro) (241 kbps)

Menace & Adam - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (192 kbps)

Fred Falke ft. Teff Balmer - Chicago (248 kbps)

None Of Your Freakin Beeswax



En Garde

Couple years old, but brought back to mind by Autechre's epic 12 hour live broadcast (which we're just now catching up on and is fucking ridiculous)– Solen's essential half-hour mix of Autechre and the Wu. If you can't get into this, we just can't relate.

Solen Presents: Wutechre

1 Wu – Bring Da Ruckus (Intro)
2 Tech – V-Proc
3 Wu – Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit
4 Tech – Rale
5 Wu – Severe Punishment
6 Tech – 6IE.CR
7 Wu – A Better Tomorrow
8 Tech – Tewe
9 Wu – C.R.E.A.M.
10 Tech – Arch Carrier
11 Wu – Various – Cash Still Rules (Scary Hours)
12 Tech – Pir
13 Rza/Gza – Third World


Your Own Kinda Style Not Like The Rest

note: not Breakbot; we just really like this sweater

We've always been crazy for Breakbot (not to mention wondered why the heck he's still with Ed Banger?) but recently our desire to trade lives with him has gotten a little out of hand. The recently leaked Baby I'm Yours EP is stellar, but what really melts our icy hearts are the guy's mixtapes– total perfection. His recent Valentine's mixtape for Dazed Digital (which, if you missed, is here) was on fucking point... light-hearted, funky, romantic, tasteful with just a touch of irony, and totally seamless. (We're always shocked when we see the tracklists to his mixes– like, wait, you just fit like thirty tracks into thirty minutes without a fucking hiccup? Damn son.) Anyway, we were so captivated by it that we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite tracks. Long life to Breakbot.

Cerrone - Look For Love (161 kbps)

Eurodisco king Cerrone is a perrenial favorite at the outerglow headquarters. To understand why, you need only look at his album covers (they pretty much all look like this). This song, from 1978's Cerrone IV: The Golden Touch, is definitely one of his best.

Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug (Larry Levan Mix) (320 kbps)

Breakbot's mix actually features the John Morales edit of this track, but we just like this one better. Because, um– it's Larry Levan. Right? Anyway, the original (from 1978) is cheesy as hell, with some borderline awkward vocal interludes from romantic bees, but the piano in this is soo sexy; plus, everybody needs some totally distasteful, insect-themed disco every so often, it's good for you.

Nice & Nasty 3 - The Ultimate Rap (256 kbps)

Not a lot of information on the Nice & Nasty 3, and they seem to have had only one release, or at least only one hit (this track, from 1980), but oh SHIT is it a doozy. Sugarhill Gang-esque old school rap at its best– you need this.

You Ain't Dreamin!

The Dirty Diamonds - Where Are The Words (160 kbps)

We've got a feeling you guys are gonna like this one.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of finding ourselves at a loft show the previously unknown to us Dirty Diamonds were playing. Okay, so first off, we are not the type to give random local bands the benefit of the doubt; we have no qualms standing there with blatant unenthusiasm (our bad). So these kids are setting up, looking super adorable and all and we're prepared to give them five minutes and move on with our lives– but from the first ten seconds, we were totally charmed, and the Dirty Diamonds were instantly added to our Why Chicago Music Is Dope Right Now list. The seven-piece band makes fuzzy, catchy and totally unpretentious electro-doo-wop that sounds 75% classic, 25% contemporary, with the soulful harmonies of three seriously dope-piped chicks, kept fresh with drum machine backbeats (thus sounding like a fun ass party and not some embarrassing 50s girl group tribute band). And we're head over heels for the just subtle enough a-little-more-tropical-surf-guitar underlaying it all. The best thing is, you know these guys are having a blast making their music, taking their influences totally seriously but not worrying about keeping things too polished, which is what makes them sound so likeable. And honestly– we can't name anyone who sounds like this. Legitimately excited to see where these guys go from here.

'Where Are The Words' is a new, previously unblogged track from the Diamonds that we think needs your immediate and undivided attention. And if you're feeling what we're feeling, download their first EP, Meet The Dirty Diamonds, here!


♡ We Love You ♡

We have always felt more than a bit awkward about Valentine's Day shenanigans, but we definitely love you guys for sticking with us through our ramblings, and we most definitely love borderline cheesy songs about that shit they call L V E. So we figured we'd skip the roses/chocolate bullshit and made yall a mixtape. It's the first one we've made, actually, and we can't say we're the best at mixing, and also we don't know how to do it any other way but in one take because we don't understand technology– so please excuse any glaring fuck-ups. Anyway, we tried our best to compile an hour of our favorite love songs (disco, funk, soul, and some miscellany, but general baby-making tunes) for your listening pleasure. Feel the love!!!!!

01. Kitkaliitto - Swamp
02. Marvin Gaye - Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
03. Puzique - Don't Go
04. Prince - Just As Long As We're Together (Disco Mix)
05. Soul Clap - Rock The Boat
06. Social Disco Club & Maia - The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Edit)
07. Friend - Secret (ft. Air France)
08. Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again
09. Beach House - Zebra (Them Jeans Edit)
10. George Duke - I Love You More
11. Diana Ross - Love The One You're With (Todd Terje Edit)
12. Jo Bisso - Your Love
13. Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Moulinex Remix)
14. Still Going - Untitled Love
15. Lifelike - The Soul of My Love
16. Memory Cassette - Surfin (Weird Tapes Version)
17. Womack & Womack - Teardrops (Extended Remix)
18. Archie Bell - Any Time Is Right (DJ Apt One Edit)
19. The Love Symphony Orchestra - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
20. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way
21. Final Edition - I Can Do It (Anyway You Want)
22. Late Night Tales: At The Movies - The Deer Hunter


Weezy's Not Going To Jail For Another Month Wednesday

Lil Wayne will not be going to prison this week (serving a year for gun possession) as expected because he needs to get a cracked tooth fixed; his sentencing is pushed back to March. We have been intense Weezy fans for a long time and stand by him despite some questionable moves (ie, the Weezy rock album is so bad it's awesome, though we are still not mad because how great is it that he sees out every syrup-coated whim). And say what you will, but we've been feeling the shit out of the Young Money crew lately. Try and deny that Nicki Minaj is the baddest bitch ever. Thus, today's edition of Crossword Wednesdays goes out to Young Money. YA DIG?

The Lover Speaks – No More I Love You's
Nicki Minaj – Your Love (192 kbps)

This recent Nicki Minaj track samples Annie Lennox's No More I Love You's. We are not super fond of that version, but it's a cover of a highly superior new wave ballad by The Lover Speaks from '86. We prefer Nicki's harder, lesbian-ho-loving side to this pretty romantic lil number, but she still makes us wanna be her.

Lil Wayne – Receipt
The Isley Brothers – Lay Away (239 kbps)

One of our favorite tracks on Tha Carter II, Receipt, definitely isn't Weezy's best rap-wise on the album, but the sample is on point. It's the Isley Brothers' funky r&b single from '72, Lay Away. Too smooth.

Lil Wayne – Let The Beat Build
Eddie Kendricks – Day By Day (256 kbps)

Again, definitely not the best song on Tha Carter III but for sure one of the most fun, sampling an amazing, super heartfelt funk/soul jam by the suave, Marvin-Gaye-comparison-worthy Eddie Kendricks, Day By Day from '72.



Bottom row, far right

Sincere apologies for the absence of crosswords in the past couple weeks. Doesn't it suck when real world obligations get in the way of your life inside the internet? It's also no longer Wednesday, but our internet is fucked up (which falsely implies that we pay for its use), prohibiting earlier posting. Anyway, we're back, and wasting no time with superfluous introductions, please accept this Prince edition of Crossword Wednesdays as a token of our love.

First up, we have the B-side of '84's When Doves Cry, 17 Days (it's worth noting the track's full title,
17 Days (the rain will come down, then U will have 2 choose. If U believe, look 2 the dawn and U shall never lose.)– yep), as sampled by the dopest female MC of all time in her '88 single Paper Thin.

Prince - 17 Days (215 kbps)
MC Lyte - Paper Thin (168 kbps)

Next, two tracks the man himself sampled for '91's Gett Off. Your standard awesomeness from James Brown and his '69 hit Mother Popcorn, which also had a corresponding dance craze. And our favorite, a classy but sooo funky italo-influenced funk track from J.R. Funk & The Love Machine, Feel Good Party Time– lots of live instrumentation (for a track made in '80) and party shouts here. Love it. We're including the extended version of Gett Off, from the Prince 12 Inch Archive bootleg collection. Some songs have no business being 10 minutes long; this isn't one of them.

James Brown - Mother Popcorn (192 kbps)
J.R. Funk & The Love Machine - Feel Good Party Time (193 kbps)
Prince - Gett Off (Extended Version) (194 kbps)

In related news, if you have yet to become acquainted with fellow Chicagoans/disco studs Only Children, now's your chance. These guys have become favorites among the ever-growing Chicago disco fanclub, and did an edit of Prince's Uptown a while back that will improve your dj set or just make you really happy. Check it out and download on their soundcloud page, and browse the rest too, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


I Can Hear Your Voice Across The Room

Family of Eve - Having It So Bad For You (Edit)

The world is unfair, and sometimes astronomically talented people go unnoticed by society at large. That's how it goes, but we feel for Family of Eve regardless. They were a Pittsburgh soul group around '80 who only had a couple 7"s and moderate local success, although somehow their releases are pretty sought-after collectibles now. These guys had it all, making gorgeous, tight disco/funk/r&b-tinged soul with killer male-female vocals, and it's too bad for the world that they did not blow the fuck up. Anyway, we have no idea who did this edit of our favorite Family of Eve track, 'Having It So Bad For You' from '80, but we've been bumping it for probably a good year now and it just does not get old.


All Around The World, Wherever You Are

M - Pop Muzik (Todd Terje Remix) (320 kbps)

The King of Edits reworks '79 new wave/electropop hit 'Pop Muzik' by (essentially one-hit wonder) M, resulting in 10 minutes of a straight up FUN TIME in the form of propulsive, party-starting new-wave-meets-nu-disco. You already know that everything Todd Terje touches turns to shiny ass disco gold. What more can we say? POP MUSIC BABY. It's good for you.


Whatever Makes Me Feel So Chic & Outta Sight

We can't say we know a ton about Xavier. They were a funk/soul/r&b group in the early 80's and as far as we know only released one album, Point of Pleasure in 1982. Good thing that album is super fucking dope– sexy, soulful male/female vocals, squelchy funk bass, and at times ridiculously plodding BPMs which we are not at all mad at. We got turned onto them via last year's amazing 'Do It To The Max' by the 6th Borough Project, which is a cover of Xavier's track by the same name. We literally lol'd upon first hearing how audaciously stupid slow the original is. Check it.

Xavier - Do It To The Max (320 kbps)

Xavier - What Goes Around (320 kbps)


Turn It Up Just A Little Bit. Well, Alright

Last year we definitely listened to more mixtapes than albums (maybe due to our own ADD, but probably just because there were so many killer ones), and we're not sure that's going to change. Allow us to share with you two of the most fun and interesting we've heard in a minute.

We know Sparkle Motion is DJ Yoda and Tobes, but they have no website, myspace, or really any sort of promotional info on the internet, so that's pretty much it. Whatever– they've been pumping out some of the smoothest and most refreshing mixtapes we've heard in a minute. This one is dedicated to the slick sounds of the late 80's/early 90's new jack swing style. If you think you're unfamiliar, check the tracklist- you're probably not. Smooth, breaky, soulful, poppy, funky, and perfect for getting ready to go out. You NEED this.

Sparkle Motion - New Jack City Vol. 1 (320 kbps)
01 It Feels Good – Tony Toni Tone
02 Motownphilly – Boyz II Men
03 Strictly Business – LL Cool J
04 I Get The Job Done – Big Daddy Kane
05 Rub You The Right Way – Johnny Gill
06 Don’t Go Messin’ With My Heart – Mantronix
07 Alright – Janet Jackson
08 Poison – Bell Biv Devoe
09 Iesha – Another Bad Creation
10 Go For It (Heart & Fire) – Joey B Ellis & Tynetta Hare
11 New Jack Swing – Wrecks-N-Effect
12 I Like It – Dino
13 Expression – Salt-N-Pepa
14 Full Term Love – Monie Love
15 One Girl (Club Dub) – Christopher Williams
16 Girls Nite Out – Tyler Collins
17 Somebody For Me – Heavy D & The Boyz
18 Workin’ Overtime – Diana Ross
19 She Ain’t Worth It – Glenn Medeiros & Bobby Brown
20 Around The Way Girl – LL Cool J
21 Hold You Tight – Tara Kemp
22 6 Minutes of Pleasure – LL Cool J

If Sparkle Motion was the soundtrack to the pregame, this recent mix from L.A.-based Nguzunguzu (promoting their EP just released on Shade Business) is the party, but to be honest we wish we went to parties like this shit. It's a mix of fat-bassed tropical house and cumbia which (we are just learning) is known as guarachero. Toy Selectah described it as the 'Mexican ghettotech,' we just call it the ass-clappinest shit we've heard in a long time. Play this and turn your party into an orgy.

Nguzunguzu - EP Promo Mix (256 kbps)
01 Sticky – Jumeirah Riddim
02 Sticky – Jumeirah Riddim Sequel"
03 Footsteps – Baby Kinta
04 Rishi Romero – African Forest (Original Mix)
05 Makency DJ – Wao
06 DJ Eridson – Hino Batucada
07 Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente
08 Debo – Helter Skelter
09 DJ Pesado and DJ Fofuxo – Sirene
10 Puto X feat. Maskarado – Quen E Que Mana Ai MP
11 Nguzunguzu – What Dance?
12 Baobina and I.D. – Mandown
13 DJ Boda – Tááá BááTÖÖÖrr R
14 Bok Bok – Whole World Changing 4X4
15 DJ Pesado and DJ Marfox – Gerentologia
16 DJ Corlando – Passa Passa (Kingdom Remix)
17 DJ Du Marcel – Tribal Sound
18 DJ MA1 – I'm Right Here feat. Sophia
19 Nguzunguzu – Got You
20 Mike V – Feelings
21 Basement Jaxx – Flylife


I'll Hit The Ceiling On A Beam Of Light

Arabesque - Friday Night (242 kbps)
Arabesque - In The Heat Of A Disco Night (255 kbps)

Holy shit. Is Arabesque the hottest girl group ever? Look at that fucking choreography. Look at those satin jumpsuits and perfect disco bangs. Granted, the two pieces of bread to the German disco princess sandwich are totally disposable, but oh my god we want to be the one in the middle (Sandra Lauer). Anyway, Arabesque was a late 70's/early 80's German disco trio and was apparently kind of big in Japan for a while. They made campy, sexy Eurodisco in the golden age of campy, sexy Eurodisco, with song titles like 'Make Love Whenever You Can' and 'Parties In A Penthouse,' and looked good all the time.

EDIT: WAIT. We knew these bitches sounded familiar! One of the fist-pumpingest tracks of '09, Fake Blood's 'I Think I Like It,' samples 'In The Heat Of A Disco Night!' Check it.

Your Love Is So Important

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way (256 kbps)

One of the most beautiful voices in soul music. Scratch that, music.

- Teddy Pendergrass 1950-2010 -


Well, I'm Driving In A Black On Black In Black Porsche 924

When I first heard the wizard drop this track ['Future'], I thought the electrifying mofo just landed his mothership on my roof. My porch lights burned out. The very next day I headed for Buy-rite music on 7mi, I had to hook up on this track. I gave a big shout out to juan, who just happened to be chillin' in Buy-rite that day. Now, when I take this track for a ride on the 1200's, it still gives me chills. Those phased out synths and trade mark snares compliment the futuristic baseline, not to mention the piloting vocals.

The above is a comment from Model 500 discogs [left by author 'zorlac'] referencing their first hit, 'No UFO's/Future' 12" from '85. We are not exactly sure who zorlac is, but he sounds like a cool guy if he was on a first-name basis with Juan as in Atkins, co-creator of Detroit techno and just a straight up important figure in electronic music, who recorded under many names but most prominently as Model 500. 'Techno' has taken on somewhat lame connotations at present (well, it's just not our thing), but the Motor City OGs' electro funk style was totally another story– more Afrikaa Bambaataa/Kraftwerk meets soul meets hard Ford-factory robotism than much within the modern sphere of techno, or maybe we just don't know enough which is probable. 'No UFOs' is a dope song, but 'Night Drive (Thru Babylon),' also from '85, is their best– a track burning with late-night energy that paints a landscape of a gritty, but hyper-stylish, retrofuture dystopia that seems especially surreal in the context of Detroit 2010.

We came across the amazing clip above, featuring 'No UFO's' (among a bunch of others that are definitely worth watching if you're bored), from the The New Dance Show, a Detroit tv show from the late 80's/mid 90's that was basically Soul Train but in Detroit with dope music like Egyptian Lover and shit, and the most stylish people ever.

Model 500 - No UFO's (Vocal) (251 kbps)
Model 500 - Night Drive (Thru Babylon) (254 kbps)


And There You Will Always Long To Return

Oto Gelb - Air on a G-String (J.S. Bach) (320 kbps)

We literally just heard this song, played it four times, did the best we could to collect ourselves and ran to post it. Oto Gelb is one of the many aliases of brilliant, passionate disco/house purist Daniel Wang, who we consider one of the most underrated yet biggest innovators in modern dance music. 'Air on a G-String,' released in '07 on Wang's Balihu label, turns a motherfucking BACH piece ('Air on the G String,' from his Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major) into a whimsically funky string-filled disco number that we just can't stop smiling about.



In case you didn't know, we live in Chicago. We fall in and out of love with it– the cold, the wind, the sometimes disappointing nightlife– but when it comes down to it, we love this city and its incredibly rich history (particularly music-wise). Thus this edition of the crossword is close to our hearts– the evolution of 'Your Love,' the track that started as a tape passed from dj to dj in Chicago's mid-80s underground clubs and became one of the most important tracks (and maybe the first important track) in house music history.

Electra ft. Tara Butler - Feels Good (Carrots & Beets) (320 kbps)
Jamie Principle - Your Love (192 kbps)
Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle - Your Love (243 kbps)
The Source ft. Candi Staton - You Got The Love (228 kbps)

To clear up any confusion about the birth of 'Your Love,' it was originally by Chicago producer and vocalist Jamie Principle. It started to blow up when Frankie Knuckles began to play it at his club, the Power Plant (which opened in '82, after Knuckles gained fame from djing at Chicago club the Warehouse– in which the music Knuckles played came to be known as 'house'). Then Knuckles produced a second version of the track (although not released on vinyl until '87), with Principle still doing the vocals. This version took off outside of the Chicago clubs, becoming the classic it is today.

Both versions of the track use the bassline of an AWESOME Italo track from '82 by Electra featuring Tara Butler, 'Feels Good (Carrots & Beets),' which talks about eating vegetables and working out. And in '91, Candi Staton's vocals were layered over the instrumental of Knuckles' version for The Source's dance hit 'You Got The Love' (the vocals, with their uber-Christian message, were from one of Staton's earlier songs, supposedly recorded for the soundtrack to a mid-80s documentary about an obese guy... yeah). And most recently, Animal Collective sampled it in their super fucking mind-blowing #1 song of '09 (as if– we don't even like it, to be honest, though it seems we're in the overwhelming minority) 'My Girls.' Whatever man... we'll just take 'My Girls'' success as a tribute to the greatness that is Frankie, Jamie, and CHICAGOOOO!


Don't You Feel It Getting Hot?

Jo Bisso - Play Me (Parts 1-4) (192 kbps)

16 minutes of super-erotic '78 disco from late 70s French producer Jo Bisso, divided into four continuous parts: 1. Desire, 2. I Wanna Love, 3. You Are Loving Me, and 4. Burning. These subtitles are pretty indicative of what to expect from the track– lots and lots of sex sounds over a funky, bass-and-string-heavy disco rollercoaster ride that remains constantly interesting despite its length. Besides, a 16 minute relationship that starts with desire and ends with burning– it's like Bisso read our high school diary! Wait, what...?




*Well, okay. Our definition of filthy house beats possibly diverges from that of Snooki and company. Hey, we had our Deadmau5 phase but that's probably best left where it lays. Basically we're just gonna post various house jams that incline us to fist pump. We invite you to do the same (responsibly, please).

Puzique - Nice N Tight (320 kbps)
Chip E - Like This (248 kbps)