Your Own Kinda Style Not Like The Rest

note: not Breakbot; we just really like this sweater

We've always been crazy for Breakbot (not to mention wondered why the heck he's still with Ed Banger?) but recently our desire to trade lives with him has gotten a little out of hand. The recently leaked Baby I'm Yours EP is stellar, but what really melts our icy hearts are the guy's mixtapes– total perfection. His recent Valentine's mixtape for Dazed Digital (which, if you missed, is here) was on fucking point... light-hearted, funky, romantic, tasteful with just a touch of irony, and totally seamless. (We're always shocked when we see the tracklists to his mixes– like, wait, you just fit like thirty tracks into thirty minutes without a fucking hiccup? Damn son.) Anyway, we were so captivated by it that we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite tracks. Long life to Breakbot.

Cerrone - Look For Love (161 kbps)

Eurodisco king Cerrone is a perrenial favorite at the outerglow headquarters. To understand why, you need only look at his album covers (they pretty much all look like this). This song, from 1978's Cerrone IV: The Golden Touch, is definitely one of his best.

Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug (Larry Levan Mix) (320 kbps)

Breakbot's mix actually features the John Morales edit of this track, but we just like this one better. Because, um– it's Larry Levan. Right? Anyway, the original (from 1978) is cheesy as hell, with some borderline awkward vocal interludes from romantic bees, but the piano in this is soo sexy; plus, everybody needs some totally distasteful, insect-themed disco every so often, it's good for you.

Nice & Nasty 3 - The Ultimate Rap (256 kbps)

Not a lot of information on the Nice & Nasty 3, and they seem to have had only one release, or at least only one hit (this track, from 1980), but oh SHIT is it a doozy. Sugarhill Gang-esque old school rap at its best– you need this.

You Ain't Dreamin!

The Dirty Diamonds - Where Are The Words (160 kbps)

We've got a feeling you guys are gonna like this one.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of finding ourselves at a loft show the previously unknown to us Dirty Diamonds were playing. Okay, so first off, we are not the type to give random local bands the benefit of the doubt; we have no qualms standing there with blatant unenthusiasm (our bad). So these kids are setting up, looking super adorable and all and we're prepared to give them five minutes and move on with our lives– but from the first ten seconds, we were totally charmed, and the Dirty Diamonds were instantly added to our Why Chicago Music Is Dope Right Now list. The seven-piece band makes fuzzy, catchy and totally unpretentious electro-doo-wop that sounds 75% classic, 25% contemporary, with the soulful harmonies of three seriously dope-piped chicks, kept fresh with drum machine backbeats (thus sounding like a fun ass party and not some embarrassing 50s girl group tribute band). And we're head over heels for the just subtle enough a-little-more-tropical-surf-guitar underlaying it all. The best thing is, you know these guys are having a blast making their music, taking their influences totally seriously but not worrying about keeping things too polished, which is what makes them sound so likeable. And honestly– we can't name anyone who sounds like this. Legitimately excited to see where these guys go from here.

'Where Are The Words' is a new, previously unblogged track from the Diamonds that we think needs your immediate and undivided attention. And if you're feeling what we're feeling, download their first EP, Meet The Dirty Diamonds, here!


♡ We Love You ♡

We have always felt more than a bit awkward about Valentine's Day shenanigans, but we definitely love you guys for sticking with us through our ramblings, and we most definitely love borderline cheesy songs about that shit they call L V E. So we figured we'd skip the roses/chocolate bullshit and made yall a mixtape. It's the first one we've made, actually, and we can't say we're the best at mixing, and also we don't know how to do it any other way but in one take because we don't understand technology– so please excuse any glaring fuck-ups. Anyway, we tried our best to compile an hour of our favorite love songs (disco, funk, soul, and some miscellany, but general baby-making tunes) for your listening pleasure. Feel the love!!!!!

01. Kitkaliitto - Swamp
02. Marvin Gaye - Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
03. Puzique - Don't Go
04. Prince - Just As Long As We're Together (Disco Mix)
05. Soul Clap - Rock The Boat
06. Social Disco Club & Maia - The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Edit)
07. Friend - Secret (ft. Air France)
08. Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again
09. Beach House - Zebra (Them Jeans Edit)
10. George Duke - I Love You More
11. Diana Ross - Love The One You're With (Todd Terje Edit)
12. Jo Bisso - Your Love
13. Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Moulinex Remix)
14. Still Going - Untitled Love
15. Lifelike - The Soul of My Love
16. Memory Cassette - Surfin (Weird Tapes Version)
17. Womack & Womack - Teardrops (Extended Remix)
18. Archie Bell - Any Time Is Right (DJ Apt One Edit)
19. The Love Symphony Orchestra - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
20. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way
21. Final Edition - I Can Do It (Anyway You Want)
22. Late Night Tales: At The Movies - The Deer Hunter


Weezy's Not Going To Jail For Another Month Wednesday

Lil Wayne will not be going to prison this week (serving a year for gun possession) as expected because he needs to get a cracked tooth fixed; his sentencing is pushed back to March. We have been intense Weezy fans for a long time and stand by him despite some questionable moves (ie, the Weezy rock album is so bad it's awesome, though we are still not mad because how great is it that he sees out every syrup-coated whim). And say what you will, but we've been feeling the shit out of the Young Money crew lately. Try and deny that Nicki Minaj is the baddest bitch ever. Thus, today's edition of Crossword Wednesdays goes out to Young Money. YA DIG?

The Lover Speaks – No More I Love You's
Nicki Minaj – Your Love (192 kbps)

This recent Nicki Minaj track samples Annie Lennox's No More I Love You's. We are not super fond of that version, but it's a cover of a highly superior new wave ballad by The Lover Speaks from '86. We prefer Nicki's harder, lesbian-ho-loving side to this pretty romantic lil number, but she still makes us wanna be her.

Lil Wayne – Receipt
The Isley Brothers – Lay Away (239 kbps)

One of our favorite tracks on Tha Carter II, Receipt, definitely isn't Weezy's best rap-wise on the album, but the sample is on point. It's the Isley Brothers' funky r&b single from '72, Lay Away. Too smooth.

Lil Wayne – Let The Beat Build
Eddie Kendricks – Day By Day (256 kbps)

Again, definitely not the best song on Tha Carter III but for sure one of the most fun, sampling an amazing, super heartfelt funk/soul jam by the suave, Marvin-Gaye-comparison-worthy Eddie Kendricks, Day By Day from '72.



Bottom row, far right

Sincere apologies for the absence of crosswords in the past couple weeks. Doesn't it suck when real world obligations get in the way of your life inside the internet? It's also no longer Wednesday, but our internet is fucked up (which falsely implies that we pay for its use), prohibiting earlier posting. Anyway, we're back, and wasting no time with superfluous introductions, please accept this Prince edition of Crossword Wednesdays as a token of our love.

First up, we have the B-side of '84's When Doves Cry, 17 Days (it's worth noting the track's full title,
17 Days (the rain will come down, then U will have 2 choose. If U believe, look 2 the dawn and U shall never lose.)– yep), as sampled by the dopest female MC of all time in her '88 single Paper Thin.

Prince - 17 Days (215 kbps)
MC Lyte - Paper Thin (168 kbps)

Next, two tracks the man himself sampled for '91's Gett Off. Your standard awesomeness from James Brown and his '69 hit Mother Popcorn, which also had a corresponding dance craze. And our favorite, a classy but sooo funky italo-influenced funk track from J.R. Funk & The Love Machine, Feel Good Party Time– lots of live instrumentation (for a track made in '80) and party shouts here. Love it. We're including the extended version of Gett Off, from the Prince 12 Inch Archive bootleg collection. Some songs have no business being 10 minutes long; this isn't one of them.

James Brown - Mother Popcorn (192 kbps)
J.R. Funk & The Love Machine - Feel Good Party Time (193 kbps)
Prince - Gett Off (Extended Version) (194 kbps)

In related news, if you have yet to become acquainted with fellow Chicagoans/disco studs Only Children, now's your chance. These guys have become favorites among the ever-growing Chicago disco fanclub, and did an edit of Prince's Uptown a while back that will improve your dj set or just make you really happy. Check it out and download on their soundcloud page, and browse the rest too, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


I Can Hear Your Voice Across The Room

Family of Eve - Having It So Bad For You (Edit)

The world is unfair, and sometimes astronomically talented people go unnoticed by society at large. That's how it goes, but we feel for Family of Eve regardless. They were a Pittsburgh soul group around '80 who only had a couple 7"s and moderate local success, although somehow their releases are pretty sought-after collectibles now. These guys had it all, making gorgeous, tight disco/funk/r&b-tinged soul with killer male-female vocals, and it's too bad for the world that they did not blow the fuck up. Anyway, we have no idea who did this edit of our favorite Family of Eve track, 'Having It So Bad For You' from '80, but we've been bumping it for probably a good year now and it just does not get old.