Doin' Thangs

We are currently working on giving outerglow a makeover. We're talking some She's All That shit. The nerd glasses will be removed to reveal the beautiful wallflower prom queen sometime this week, so check back in a bit. In the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite tracks we've found elsewhere lately.

Amadou & Mariam - Sabali (Uproot Andy Remix) // via redthreat

Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Remix) // via Asian Dan

HARD MIX - Drama Drama // via Cream Team

Matt Van Schie - Journey (Memory Tapes Version) // via RCRDLBL

Morgan Page - Longest Road To Nowhere (Only Children Remix) // via dsquared


Break It Fix It

Dave Nada - Ruffcut (Moombahton Dub) (320 kbps)
A-Mac - Long Train To Moombahton (320 kbps)
Playmode - One Track Mind (Scattermish Moombahton Mix) (320 kbps)

Not sure why it took us so long to get some moombahton up in this bitch. If you don't know, now you know; or to sum it up, Dave Nada, while DJing his little cousin's party, slowed down some Dutch house tracks to slinky reggaeton BPMs so as not to get jumped by a bunch of hyped up Latino high school kids for playing house. Boom– moombahton is born. One small step for man, one giant leap for making white people dance to BPMs lower than 120. Granted, shit can get a little repetitive, we're not trying to hear anybody's full-length Moombahton LP, but seriously, if you can hear this shit played at a party and not want to hump everyone... you suck. These are some of our favorite moombahton edits we've come across. Enjoy with a 'cold one.'


Damn, Where My Roof Just Go

Chief Boima - Techno Rumba (Uproot Andy Remix) (254 kbps)

Birdman - Money To Blow ft. Drake & Lil Wayne (Chief Boima Remix) (320 kbps)

Bay Area resident, Ghetto Bassquake contributor and Afrobeat-for-the-club producer/dj Chief Boima just dropped his Techno Rumba EP on Dutty Artz– two banging original tracks of contemporary African rhythms, and remixes by Uproot Andy and Matt Shadetek and dj/rupture. We recommend picking up the whole deal (which you can do here), but we think (Brooklyn-based dj, producer, and general superstar in the current sphere of globalized electronic music) Uproot Andy's remix is the most fun. We're also loving Boima's tribal take on Birdman's (though, basically Drake's) 'Money To Blow.' If you like what you're hearing, Boima put together an 'Afro Latino-Rumba' mix to correspond with the release; download and check the tracklist here. Dope stuff all around; this dude seems like a busy boy and definitely one to watch.

Snatch His Big Mac

We just feel the need to periodically remind you that Nicki Minaj is the baddest bitch in the world. We've been digging through every mixtape she's put together over the past few years. Here are some of our favorite moments, including quite possibly our favorite line we've heard in a rap song in like, years:

You're like balloon boy, momma you was never there!

Nicki Minaj - Dreams '07 (from Playtime Is Over, 2007)
Nicki Minaj - Curious George (from Sucka Free, 2008)
Nicki Minaj - Dang A Lang (from Barbie World, 2010)
Nicki Minaj - Sweet Dreams (from Barbie World, 2010)

If you want more Nicki, we also posted a few tracks from her latest mixtape, Harajuku R&Barbie, here on the Creamteam music blog (don't think we've ever mentioned it, but we contribute to that blog as well, and it's always full of great stuff).

Let Me See You Rep Your Hood

MC Shakie - Drop Real Low (320 kbps)

Have you seen the pilot episode of Diplo's new endeavor, No One Is Safe? It's a Discovery channel-ish thing about various music subcultures, and the first episode is dedicated to New Orleans bounce, a scene we had practically no idea about. Diplo chats with the big dogs of the bounce world who, awesomely enough, are pretty much all trannies, super dope trannies who like to make the impressionable youth bend over and shake their asses. It's definitely worth watching. (Though we felt somewhat pissed off that the intro is to the tune of Paper Planes. We don't even know why that pissed us off, we might just be assholes.)

Bounce basically sounds like the scrappiest, most hyper, somewhat Bmore-ified crunk music you've ever heard, and if you like parties and fun and sex and stuff, you kind of can't help but get into it. This track (which samples Jackson Five 'I Want You Back,' which always sits well with us) is from the recently released Shake Twerk & Wobble 2, a compilation of bounce tracks via The Bounce Spot. We get the feeling this stuff's going to blow up (you know, kind of like everything Diplo touches). If you want more bounce, Nolabounce is a great place to start.

Unruly Boys Who Will Not Grow Up

The Smiths - Barbarism Begins At Home (Tim Zawada Edit) (32o kbps)

Here's a nice little Smiths edit by fellow Chicagoan, disco/funk/boogie/[etc.] DJ, and cool guy Tim Zawada. Nothing too out there, but definitely a good call. We definitely recommend checking out his soundcloud– handfuls of solid disco edits (all conveniently downloadable in high quality) and fun ass mixtapes. The dude has good taste.